Character Profile-Aleta

Name: Aleta Brith
Birthdate: November 20th
Zodiac: Scorpio
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Occupation: Bartender
Family: Bara Brith (sister, living)
Favorites: Food- Ravioli
Snack- Salty Pretzels
Drink- mai tai
Color- orange
Music- Korean Pop
Dislikes: hero worship, being inferior, unkempt cuticles, pencil shavings, doors being slammed, canker sores, being corrected, glasses, hangovers, paint chips
Hobbies: boy toy hunting, looking at lingerie, making her own scented lotions and soaps, parkour
Brief History: Much of Aleta's history is still unrevealed. Aleta befriended Taro briefly, only to get at the man Taro was dating. Her relationship with him was short-lived, as after Moor stopped him from beating on Taro, he ended their relationship and disappeared.
Aleta continued working at the cafe that she and Taro had both been employed at for a bit afterwards. She was approached by Moor several times and fed from, oddly recovering from her 'reality check' quicker than most of his meals. She joined Milli and Jedda to form their 'cult', but isn't as active of a recruiter as they are.

Fun Facts

  • Aleta reveals that she dislikes Laoidheach simply because he's fond of Apple, whom she dislikes because she's the mother of Taro, who 'took Moor away' from her.
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