Character Profile-Apple

Full Name: Apple Boba
Birthdate: February 26th
Zodiac: Pisces
Age: 38 (by Season 2)
Height: 5' 4"
Occupation: Jewelry artist, earring specialty
Family: Taro Boba (daughter, living), Aniello Stockard (ex-husband, living) Jack F. Boba (grandson, living), Brooke Stockard (sister-in-law, living), Porcius Stockard (brother-in-law, living), Bonito Stockard (nephew, living), Master Stockard (father-in-law, living)
Favorites: Food- enchiladas
Snack- Reeses Pieces
Drink- water
Color- tan
Dislikes: eels, money's importance, disloyalty, calloused heels, accusations, hangovers, legislators
Hobbies: Inventing food and drink concoctions, collecting classic books
Powers: unrevealed
Brief History: At age 12 Apple was brought to the Stockard Manor with Melonie and Brooke, and educated in several subjects, in preparation to be married to one of the Stockard sons. She was paired with Aniello, the eldest son. Though only just 13, she was forced to become pregnant in an attempt to bear the next Stockard heir. Tradition-loving, Master expected a boy, but Taro was born instead. Master forced Aniello out of the family, and to take Apple's family name of Boba as a badge of shame.
Apple mostly raised Taro alone, and quietly endured Aniello cheating on her. By 16 she became more interested in him as a man, and their relationship improved. After becoming a surgeon, the Stockard family regained interest in Aniello, but to be re-accepted back into the family he had to divorce his shame-namely Apple and Taro-which he did, seemingly without hesitation.
Apple fell into deep depression with the realization that he could cast her and Taro off, and became alcoholic. She remained in this state until Taro brought Moor home, when a 'feeding' encounter with him seemed to put her back on the right track.

Fun Facts

  • Apple was not intended to look like anyone in particular, but has recently started to resemble the actress Sarah Paulson
  • Despite having slept with Moor, Apple's relationship with him was not awkward. However, Taro pretends it never happened.
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