Character Profile-Bara

Full Name: Bara Brith
Birthdate: March 28th
Zodiac: Ares
Age: 19
Height: 5' 2"
Occupation: personal maid to the Slisson twins
Family: Aleta Brith (sister, living)
Favorites: Food- unagi (eel) sushi
Snack- wheat bread with apple butter
Drink- nestea
Color- rose
Dislikes: iced coffee, surgery, shut windows, copulation, being evaluated, prickling sensation after an appendage loses circulation, My Little Pony series
Hobbies: rainbow spattering her room, making gelatin
Powers: Bara's skills have not been revealed, but she seems to have extrasensory abilities at the least.
Brief History: Bara Brith's history is still shrouded in history. She has been called the "Angel of Purity" but that has not been explained.


"Human"- (pictured with profile) This is Bara's standard form. Her first appearance in the story is during Chapter 6, where she is seen attempting to purchase the Wizard's Spellbook (How to Awaken Your Sexual Demon) from the book store.


"Angel?"- This form of Bara's has been seen once, but not explained.

Fun Facts

  • Bara was originally a character Liz created during her "X-Men" phase back in high school. She had teal and raspberry colored hair and was a witch named after a character from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles book series. She was re-imagined for the Pita series, but still has the same personality as her original incarnation.
  • When re-imagined, Bara's design was intended to be opposite of Pita, similar to how Boon is the opposite of Jinx.
  • Bara despises My Little Pony because a boy in school used to tease her and call her by different Pony names.
  • bara brith is a type of Welsh bread similar to fruitcake.
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