Character Profile-Beliel

Full Name: Belinda "Belie" Certas
Chosen Name: Beliel
Birthdate: June 26th
Zodiac: Cancer
Age: ?
Height: 5' 5"
Occupation: Formerly a Maid in the Maier household
Family: Olivia "Owl" Certas (sister, living), Mon-Mon ("son", deceased)
Favorites: Food- Bohemian-style dill potato soup
Snack- eclairs
Drink- Iced coffee
Color- Navy Blue
Music- Xoomii (heard mostly during her childhood. Also known as Tuvian throat singing)
Dislikes: shrieking guitar riffs, competing for affection, falling asleep while trying to do something, extra hairy men, bitchy personalities, conflict, the smell of eggs
Hobbies: dressing up, people watching
Powers: Belie can perform easy spells, but has trouble controlling offensive magic. She is proficient with a whip that she can create from magic. She can also create a temporary 'bubble' of space (also referred to as a pocket dimension) around a target, so that fights can be fought without damage to or interruption from outside sources.
History: Born into a nomadic Yeniche society, Belie and her sister were left in front of an abbey when she was four. She fell in love with religion thanks to a nun that she and her sister were placed into the care of, and strove to join the clergy. By 14 she met Khaled, a Cambion, and worked hard to tame it. Khaled seemed to fall for her, and after being attacked by a priest, marked Belie as it's mate.
Belie and Olivia were left homeless after Khaled seemingly slaughtered the clergy in the abbey and set it on fire. She lived via theft and begging for several years, until she met the son of a fisherman who expressed interest in marrying her. He eventually discovered the voyeur show that Olivia put on for money, and both Belie and Olivia were run out of town.
The Alchemical Wizard approached Olivia that winter and offered her work, but initially did not want to take Belie, calling her too pure. Moor convinced him otherwise. Belie became a live-in maid at the Maier Manor, and harbored a secret crush on Jinx.
Two years after arriving, Belie discovered Khaled was also employed at the manor, but had taken female form and was living as the head gardener's lover.
Belie was transformed via Paska's curse an unknown amount of time later, and sealed within the book with the others. While in the book world she acted on her feelings for Jinx, and out of gratitude for her kindness towards him, he bewitched her into believing she was pregnant and created Mon-Mon for her to raise and care for.
After being released, she was at first hateful towards Pita, and attempted to defeat her to release Jinx. She was defeated by Pita, and out of kindness, Pita sealed away her memories of Mon-Mon so she would no longer feel grief about his demise or betrayal from Jinx's bewitchment. She made her way to Pita's apartment after their fight, and claimed that she was also betrothed to Pita. She resumed maid-like duties, and also became a form of emotional support for Pita.

Succubus Diet: The feeling of possession.



"Human"- This was Belie's form up until Paska's curse. She had no obvious magical inclinations other than a few simple spells. She, like everyone else in the manor, was receiving the Alchemical Wizard's 'therapy' treatments that surprisingly never turned her into a lesser.

"Succubus" (pictured with profile)- this is Belie's current form. She lost her right horn during the fight with Paska.

Fun Facts

  • Belie could be considered bisexual, but she really just doesn't limit herself to one gender or another when she has feelings for them.
  • Belie is the first female that Pita has ever been kissed by.
  • Belie is adamantly against being called Belinda in modern times.
  • Beliel (or Belial) traditionally means "worthless", but sometimes has been known to mean "serpent". Belinda's traditional meaning is "beautiful serpent", thus Belie's logic when she chose the name Beliel to replace her birth name.
  • Belie's popularity with readers eclipses that of Pita's.
  • Belie is the first character to receive her own side story.
  • Belie was originally created to be a 'flavor of the chapter' bad guy, but ended up having too robust of a personality to leave a minor character.
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