Character Profile-Bonito

Name: Bonito Stockard
Birth date: November 3rd
Zodiac: Scorpio
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Occupation: Vice CEO of Stockard Pharmaceuticals
Family: Brooke Stockard (mother), Porcius Stockard (father-biological), Master Stockard (grandfather/father-adoptive), Aniello Stockard (uncle), Apple Boba (aunt), Taro Boba (cousin), Jack F. Boba (2nd cousin), Melonie Slisson (relative), Kaya Slisson (relative), Angelique Slisson (relative), Paska (ancestor), Boon Maier (ancestor), Paska and Boon's unnamed son (ancestor)
Favorites Food- spiced oatmeal
Snack- apple fritters
Drink- rhubarb tea
Color- green
Dislikes: magics' side effects, meetings, his mother's immaturity, being scolded for smoking, pure silence, tween fads, musicals, horseback riding, zippers
Hobbies: writing brilliant theories while "under the influence", sleeping, wandering into town to do absolutely nothing
Powers: Bonito is gifted and brilliant with alchemical magic and celestial magic, but suffers a painful physical backlash when he uses celestial. To deal with the agony he feels, he smokes pot.
Brief History: Bonito was born six months after Master took Brooke as a mistress. Master was convinced that he had sired Bonito, and named him the Stockard heir. Bonito's skill in magic was discovered at a young age, his strength of magical skill not seen since Boon and Paska's son.
While he does not dislike her, he appears to have a strained relationship with his cousin Taro, most likely brought on by Taro's father. (Aniello was heir until Taro's birth, and lost that status due to Taros gender. He was likely very bitter about Bonito for existing, as that gave Master a new heir option.)
It was Bonito's idea to bring Pita to the Stockard Manor, and was the one to hire her as a live-in maid. His main interest seems to be in the rest of those from the book, yet tries his best to preserve their privacy.

Fun Facts

  • Bonito's name is derived from a tribe of medium-sized, ray-finned predatory fish in the family Scombridae – a family it shares with the mackerel, tuna and Spanish mackerel tribes, and also the butterfly kingfish.
  • bonito is also dried and used in many Japanese soups and dishes- as bonito stock. Thus the origin of Bonitos name and surname. (stock=Stockard)
  • Everyone who has the Stockard surname is named after a soup stock.
  • Bonito tries to get people to call him "Tony", but has thus far been unsuccessful.
  • Bonito was originally created by Liz during her naive youth, and was a metahuman with powers similar to Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. He had a brother named Tyler then, who was a covert ops guy. His name was Tony then.
  • Bonito has been completely redone since his first incarnation, the only things that carried over were his shade of blue hair and his like of the puffpuff.
  • Although he hasn't used magic much (so far) in the comic, Bonito's skill and strength is on par with that of Jinx's.
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