The Books

In the Demonic Adventures of Angel Witch Pita, when a character mentions a "Book", they are usually referring to one of two objects; the book that acted as a prison for Jinx and the others that Pita read and released all from, or the second book that seemed to be a temporary home for Buhi and Paska. Both of these books are highly magical, but were ironically sitting largely unnoticed inside of a standard bookstore for years. One can assume that the books stayed together through the years, but it is unknown as to how they managed to arrive in a modern American bookstore in fairly good condition from where they originated over a century ago in Germany.


Alchemical Wizard's Journal
Also known as "How to Awaken Your Sexual Demon". This is the book that contained Jinx and the other Incubi, Succubi and Lessers for over a century. It's cover is clearly false, and on the first page it contains a Latin verse and instructions to read it. This verse releases one to several of those locked away inside of the book; those it releases appears to be random. Occasionally, after someone is released from the book, Buhi would appear and contract them into being a host for Paska, claiming that the individual needed to capture those that they released, and put them back in the book. It appears to be possible to re-seal people and creatures back into the book (as seen when Pita reflects Jinx's magic and half-seals him inside, leaving him in kid form, and indicated by Jinx talking about book world "newbies" back in Chapter 2), but after Pita emptied the book it seems that they are being destroyed by Paska instead.
Taro (pictured to the left) was the first one to reveal that the rest of the book was an old journal, with crude drawings and descriptions of the lessers, written in German. Bara Brith attempted to purchase the book later, but was held up by the cashier, who could not find a SKU or description of the book in her computer.


The book was actually the Alchemical Wizard's old journal, which he enchanted to be a kind of storage unit for his 'failed experiments'. On top of having detailed descriptions of each Lesser, the journal also has portions of his life story and plans, which so far has only been seen by Jinx. He was horrified by what he'd read, and has not revealed any of it's contents thus far.

Book World
Even though the term used to describe the place where Jinx and the others were sealed is often said as "in the book", they weren't actually physically inside the book itself. The book acted as a gateway into a pocket dimension created by the Alchemical Wizard. This place did act as a 'write your own world' kind of place for those sealed inside of it, however, and the landscape and objects inside could be created at whim of those imprisoned. It was an endless, seamless world, with no visible way out. Jinx has hinted that life inside of the book world was miserable, as time's passage could not be measured, and the Lessers constantly fought against those cursed to be Incubi and Succubi. Death was still possible in the Book World, as many of the Incubi, Succubi and Mitte died during imprisonment, most likely from suicide or battle against the Lessers.


Victoria's Spellbook
Also known as "Heavenly Protectors". This book is the one that Pita picked up second, after reading the passage from "How to Awaken Your Sexual Demon" and releasing Jinx and the others. Buhi emerged from this book without any passage being read, indicating that the book is also a type of gateway to a pocket dimension, but is not a jail or storage like the other, and those with magical inclinations can come and go as they please. Paska's spirit was also 'stored' in this book.
The cover, like the book cover of the first, is obviously false, and likely changes to make sure the book is always shelved near the Wizard's journal.
Nothing is known about the book's contents, or what the pocket dimension is like. Jinx has indicated that the book belonged to his father's assistant, Victoria, who was adept at magic. Being the only other magical text available after Paska's curse, it was likely just chance that it was chosen to house Paska's spirit.

Fun Facts

  • Religion books and "Relationship" books are ironically shelved next to each other at many bookstores.
  • Relationship books are ironically the most perused in any bookstore, although you never see anyone near the section.
  • Taro was the last person to have the Wizard's journal in her possession. It has not been seen since.
  • Victoria's Spellbook was left behind in Chapter 1. It's current whereabouts are unknown.
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