Character Profile-Boon

Full Name: Boon Maier
Birthdate: November 28th
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Age: ??
Height: 6' 2"
Family: Jinx Maier (twin brother, living), Creed Maier (father, presumed deceased), Rupert "Moor" Machter (surrogate father, presumed deceased), Unnamed Child (offspring with Paska, deceased), Taro Boba (descendant, living), Jack F. Boba (descendant, living), Bonito Stockard (descendant, living), Melonie Slisson (descendant, living), Apple Boba (descendant, living)
Favorites: Food- Nachos supreme
Snack-Marmalade on toast
Drink- Orange juice
Color- Ebony
Music- Instrumentals/Classical
Animal- Piglet
Dislikes: bacon, papercuts, being weak, his past, thieves, germs, off-key singing, stupid answers to easy questions, hot weather
Hobbies: Practicing magic in secret, thinking
Powers: Boon is more brains while Jinx was the 'brawn'. While his intelligence is great, he is quite weak when it comes to magic. He is proficient with glamor magic, and shifting magic, but everything else is laughable. While holding on to Paska, he has the ability to tap into her powers, but is afraid to do so until she's stabilized.
Although he doesn't need a special diet like Jinx, it has been hinted at that he has a special power of his own, that is uncontrollable, that all magic users seem to find annoying. One could assume that it has something to do with extracting strength, magic or spiritual energy from a target through physical contact.
He has been referred to as a 'router', while Pita is a 'container', but the exact nature of this term has not been defined.
Brief History: Much of Boon's early life is shrouded in mystery. He was raised during the mid-late 1800's with his brother, and was an academic genius. He was well-respected by researchers at Leipzig University, and a favorite guest lecturer. Boon wanted magic instead of his vast intellect, however, and envied everyone around him as they all seemed to be capable of magic. To him, Jinx squandered his gifts on selfish reasons. Boon spent years practicing simple magic and became proficient in glamor, which he utilized to seduce Paska for undisclosed reasons.
For the past century after Paska cursed the Maier household, Boon has been watching over the book containing his brother and everyone that Paska cursed. He appears to be tied to it, and Paska, although the exact nature of his leash is unknown. While he is not bound to a book, he appears to be able to enter a secondary book at will.


"Normal" (Pictured with profile): This is Boon's true form. While clearly Jinx's brother, his physical appearance is practically the opposite. Despite being twins, he's much taller than his brother, and his jaw line and eyes are a bit wider.
Boon occasionally can be seen wearing the red collar that Buhi wears. This appears to be symbolic of his link to Paska, and the moments it is visible is when he loses his concentration on the spell keeping it hidden. Most times he wears high-collared clothing, so he doesn't have to concentrate on hiding it.
It hasn't been clearly stated, but it seems that Paska brought Boon back from the dead after Jinx killed him over a century ago, and replaced his destroyed heart with her own.


"Buhi"- This is the form that Boon spent most of Season 1 in. He first appeared to Pita in this form, and lived happily as her pet and mascot. His halo was an enchanted ring (most likely not of his doing) that could fuse Paska to a host and awaken her with a simple spell. Beliel was the only one that knew he was really Boon, but kept it a secret. Jinx assumed Buhi was some creation of his father's.


"Rey"-This is the form Boon took while he pursued Pita romantically. Both Beliel and Moor have alluded to this form being a copy of someone else, but who exactly, has not been revealed. While in this form Boon attempted to molest Pita, to absorb Paska's powers for himself. He was unable to, as he'd begun to care about Pita for real.

Fun Facts

  • In the 'original' plot for the story, Boon didn't exist. Instead, Buhi really -was- a cherub/angel that had gone corrupt and was trying to destroy a demon lord thinking it would give him enough favor to return to heaven. In fact, this idea was still in place up until Chapter 4, when the story took an abrupt turn on Liz and Boon was created.
  • For awhile, Boon was -almost- Jinx's father, but then Liz decided that was too weird.
  • If you were to apply a negative filter to Boon's hair and eye color scheme, it would be very nearly Jinx's color
  • Boon still has a scar on his chest from where Jinx punched through it.
  • Boon is very easily flustered by sexual innuendo and skimpy clothing.
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