Character Profile-Buhi

Full Name: Buhi
Birthdate: ??
Age: ??
Height: 2' 5"
Occupation: Cherub-in-training
Family: ??
Favorites: Food-??
Snack- Bon-bons
Drink- ??
Color- Red
Music- ??
Dislikes: Bacon, Jinx, being the butt of jokes, Sad Pita, being questioned, hot weather
Hobbies: Watching TV, sneaking out of the house, hunting lessers
Powers: Buhi's only known power is to use glamor magic upon Pita, and cause her Angel Witch transformation with his halo.
Brief History: Buhi emerged from the second book Pita picked up after reciting the incantation that undid the spell upon the first book. After scolding her for carelessly releasing everything from the book, he forced her into a 'contract', and fused her with Paska to become the Angel Witch. He knew that the 'demon child' that Pita brought home after her fight was really Jinx, but chose not to spell it out for Pita. Through Season 1 he lived happily as her 'pet' and mascot, but there was more to him than it seemed. (Click here for extended information on Buhi. Be aware that if you aren't current with the webcomic, you will be spoiled.)

Fun Facts

  • Buhi was originally supposed to be a crazy cross between a rabbit and pig, with fly wings.
  • Buhi is pronounced "Boo-hee", and is the Japanese word for 'oink', thus the reason he occasionally ends his sentences with it or utters it randomly.
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