Character Profile-Creoda/Creed

Name: Creoda "Creed" Maier
Birth date: January 4th
Zodiac: Capricorn
Age: late 30s
Occupation: scientist/alchemical wizard
Family: Hijinx "Jinx" Maier (son), Boon Maier (son), unnamed boy (grandson), Master Stockard (descendant), Aniello Stockard (descendant), Porcius Stockard (descendant), Bonito Stockard (descendant), Taro Boba (descendant), Jack F. Boba (descendant)
Favorites: ?
Dislikes: Failure, mass on days not Sunday
Brief History: Barely anything has been revealed of Creed's history. He was a genius in his time; a master of alchemical wizardry. For reasons yet unrevealed, he was collecting deviants and employing them at his manor, and performing some sort of tests on them that would eventually turn most into lessers. When they became lessers, he would then seal them within his spell book. He brought Paska and her sister to the manor for a different reason, to use them for an experiment that ended in Paska being fused with nine entities, everyone in the house becoming cursed, and his own apparent demise.
Although dead, his spirit still seems to be around, and has popped up on occasion to torment Jinx and taunt Pita while she was in the Desire Space searching for Paska.
Moor recalled a time when Creed wished to euthanize Boon, but this memory has not been revisited since.

Fun Facts

  • Creoda was named after the First king of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia.
  • The name Creed was given to Creoda by Moor as a bit of a joke since his sons were named Jinx and Boon.
  • Creoda is pronounced "cry-da".
  • Creed chose his own last name because he felt it commanded authority. (Maier roughly means "landholder")
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