Encyclopedia of Doom (Pita version)

Angels: Angels are agents of Heaven, sometimes sent to earth on a mission dictated to them by a higher authority. Some merely wander the earth and observe human life curiously. Angels are genderless beings, but because mortals can not perceive truly genderless beings without assigning a gender to them, they will take on a gender while in mortal form. Angels are good, and love all things. For an angel to feel mortal emotions of singular love, lust and greed are taboo, and lead to the angel falling from grace.
Angels are more powerful than most mortals, but are not as powerful as the higher authority they answer to. Legend states that if one harnesses the powers of an angel, they will gain world-changing powers and abilities. Most angels' default magic is healing and restorative. They are proficient with swords, lances and other bladed weapons when they must do battle. An angel can form a bond with a human, and lend them their abilities and strength for short amounts of time.
Angels' natural counterparts are demons. Their nemesis' are their Fallen brethren. The only confirmed Angel in the series thus far is Harahel, whom now provides Pita's angel transformation.
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"Angel Transform": The spell which, when recited towards Pita, awakens Paska and allows Pita to utilize her magic. Pita usually goes through a magical girl-esque transformation with the recitation, right down to a magically-created outfit. Jinx was able to force a transformation upon Pita where Paska did not awaken but she was still able to use healing magic, to defeat Beliel. The second time he attempted it, after Paska fled Pita's body, caused Pita to transform into her 'dark' form for the first time.
The spell usually wears off on it's own, or fades when Paska falls back into slumber. It has been seen that the spell can be countered with the phrase "Engel Rückkehr" (or "Angel Return"), which forces Paska back into slumber and removes her powers from Pita until the next time the transformation spell is uttered.
Only Jinx and Buhi have been shown to be able to control Pita's transformation. It is unknown if Pita could've triggered it herself, or if she always needed the spell and halo to awaken Paska. The spell's origins have not been explored, but it appears to be something similar to a hypnosis trigger to control Paska when she is weakened.

Angel Witch: The title bestowed upon Pita after Buhi fused her with Paska. Angel Witches look angelic, but can utilize all sorts of magic to defeat a foe. An Angel Witch's primary function appears to be to collect, defeat and/or dispose of the monstrosities that were released from the book. They have a great arsenal of magic, and can also tap into the magics of those they defeat but allow to live. Paska, as an Angel Witch, is capable of opening up the desire space, which she uses to 'punish' those whose 'desires' she finds disgusting.
Angel Witches appear to be notorious for manifesting nude. The reason for this has not been explored.
So far only Pita and Paska are confirmed as Angel Witches, but at the end of Chapter 8, there appeared to be more.

Betrothal: This is the term that denizens of the book use when they are servant to the person who has bested them in battle. It is unknown if this is an actual thing connected to their current state of being, or if they came up with it while in the book. It appears that being 'betrothed' means that the person who bested the other, has the ability to access or borrow the magic and abilities of the person they bested. The one bested also tends to submit to the other, like a servant to a master.

Buhi's Contract: Although Buhi told Pita she was contracted to him, there was no physical signing or soul leasing that passed between them. One could say the form of the contract was Pita's becoming Paska's new host. Buhi originally claimed that Pita would die if she were to let the Lessers molest her, but it is safe to assume that the real reason for this was to keep Paska from awakening too quickly, thus robbing Boon of his chance to claim his 'birthright' from her.

Buhi's Halo: It's exact nature is still unknown, but Buhi's halo always contained charges of celestial magic that allowed him to use glamour magic on Pita, and to awaken Paska. It is difficult to say if the halo's magic was slowly charged by Buhi himself, or if it was a magic 'battery' that would recharge on it's own.
Buhi's halo has not been seen since the battle with Paska.

Cambion: A Cambion is the offspring of an Incubus or Succubus and a human. Cambion are genderless, much like angels, although their nature is demonic in origin. They can choose a gender on a whim, which they do to answer their strongest urge; to reproduce. However, female Cambions are barren, while males are fully functional. Female Cambions can 'harvest' eggs from human females, and then use it impregnate themselves, but how this is done has never been documented. There is also no documentation of a male and female Cambion reproducing together. The offspring that a Cambion bears or sires is nearly always horrific, monstrous creatures in appearance, but usually very shy and gentle.
Cambion are fair of face and voice, and can soothe the hearts and bodies of even the most world weary folk. They are a shy race, but can be hostile when provoked. Most Cambion have barbed tails and bat-like wings as well as pointed ears and slit pupils.
Cambion are highly magical creatures, and are extremely powerful. Because of their half human origin, they are immune to most demonic weaknesses, except blessed water. Most Cambion are extremely hard to kill, the 'cockroach' of supernatural society. Cambion are not accepted by other demons, and usually never meet their Incubus or Succubus parent. They are ageless, and after reaching physical maturity, cease aging.
The only Cambion character introduced in the Pitaverse is Khaled, whom has a history with Belie.
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Container: A term used by several of the cast of Pita, usually in reference to Pita herself. It has not been defined, but is likely to be another term for a 'vessel' or 'avatar' for a spirit or entity. The vessel is then able to call upon any knowledge or magical ability of the contained spirit.

The Cult: The cult is an unknown number of individuals who have interacted with the denizens of the book, and instead of fearing them, worship them. Started by Milli, Jedda and Aleta, they use the club The Dungeon as their base of recruitment. Their current goal is to get the world to embrace the concept of the Lessers, believing them to be a new, better state of being for mankind.

Desire Space: This is a fragment of reality that Paska distorts to torture and then destroy her targets. She is only able to create these places and see the desires of her targets thanks to the abilities of the Fallen Malpas. As payment for using his powers, she lets Malpas dine upon the souls/essences of those she bests. However, Malpas can only consume the souls of those with warped desires.

Diet: This refers to the food that Incubi, Succubi, and Lessers must consume to survive. If they do not consume their specialized diet at least once every month, they will first lose their ability to perform magic, followed by a feeling of illness akin to a cold or the flu, and then finally they will begin to waste away as if starving, even if they are receiving abundant normal food and water.
Lessers' diet seems to be a physical part of a living creature that they must consume. For example, the lesser Ratz must use a drill and straw like appendage to dig into the skull of his victim to eat the specific pleasure center of the brain. Most lesser's diet has some sort of sensory function. Why this is has not been explored, but very rarely will there be a lesser that has a diet that is not fatal or debilitating to their victim. Like the Incubi and Succubi, they seem to require some sort of sexual or pre-sexual act before consuming. Luckily, the lessers do not need to feed often, only about once a month, but they will partake in intercourse as often as they can.
Incubi and Succubi require a harder-to-procure diet. Unlike the lessers, they do not need to physically consume a part of their victim, but they require an emotional state that feeds them spiritually. They seem to be very unstable in a spiritual sense, and if they do not consume their diet often, they waste away rather quickly. Only the Incubus Moor seems to have figured out a way to stockpile 'rations' so he could survive without having to feed for a long period of time. Most other Incubi and Succubi must feed two to three times a week to be at their strongest.
Incubi and Succubi bodily fluids seem to encourage trust with their intended victim. At the moment of climax, the victim will then be flooded with the emotion that the Incubus or Succubus requires, most times triggered by the form of a very powerful realization or memory.

The Fallen: coming soon

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Heavenly Protectors/Victoria's Spellbook -The book that acted as prison for Paska's spirit. Extended Information (Spoiler heavy)

How to Awaken Your Sexual Demon/The Wizard's Journal -The book that acted as prison for Jinx and the others. Extended Information (spoiler heavy)

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Mitte: German for "middle", a term given to individuals whom Paska cursed, but did not punish as badly as those who became Incubi and Succubi. Although somewhat monstrous in appearance, they generally retain more of a human appearance than the Lessers. The ones that became "Mitte" were individuals that Paska was actually fond of, and as such they do not require a special diet to survive. They are still able to perform magic if they know it, and can hold a mostly human form so long as their physical strength does not give out.
So far the only introduced Mitte is Laoidheach, Paska's former lover prior to Jinx.

Nephilim: coming soon

Pita's Immunity: When first faced with the legion of lessers from the book, Pita initially seemed to naturally repel them from approaching her, which intrigued Buhi and may have led to his infusing her with Paska. The reason for this has not been examined since it was first mentioned in chapter 1.

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