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Character Profile- Carbon


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Character Profile- Castella


Name: Castella Rosen
Birth date: October 15th
Zodiac: Libra
Occupation: formerly a receptionist at a nursing home
Family: Madeira Bolo (mother), Paratha Rosen (daughter), Focaccia White(daughter), Pita Psomi (granddaughter), Jaffa White (granddaughter)
Favorites: ?
Dislikes: having her pride poked, being wrong, those who give no thought about the opinions of others, winter, people who disregard a good life schedule
Hobbies: collecting porcelain and resin figures, listening to news radio, taking walks, spending time with her retired female friends
Powers: If Castella had an aptitude for magic, she has completely buried it in her psyche.
Brief History: The only daughter of Madeira and her husband, Castella grew up doted upon and spoiled by her parents. She was popular in school, and considered a great beauty. She fell for a young soldier and, despite her parents disapproval, married him in secret before she'd graduated high school. She had her first child, Focaccia, within a year, and Paratha not long after. Castellas husband ended up being a terrible person to her daughters, and eventually she divorced him after catching him with the neighbors daughter.
Castella raised her daughters with the help of her parents. Her Father passed away as her girls became teens, and with his passing Castella became steely towards everyone save Focaccia. Paratha, suffering emotionally, became a thorn in her dream of a perfect future. She distanced herself from Paratha, especially after meeting her second husband.
Life finally settled for her, and she enjoyed finally having the good life she dreamed of. This was jarred when Paratha became pregnant with Pita. At first Castella supported her daughter as Madeira did for her, but her kindness waned as Paratha let her life go on a downwards spiral.
When Pita was abandoned, Castella refused to take her in and instead ordered her to be placed in the system, thinking that Paratha was having a "tantrum", and would come reclaim Pita if she saw no one would take her. Castella was eventually convinced to take her in, but still believing that Pita was not her responsibility, let her kind hearted mother take her in. Its hard to say what she thought when Paratha was found deceased later, but around that time she and Focaccia began treating Pita as if she were Paratha.
Despite her harsh and cold exterior, Castella has shown times of veiled kindness towards Pita, for instance, paying off debt collectors to keep Pita from immediate trouble. She covered the gesture with cynicism, however.

Fun Facts

  • Keeping with the baked food trend, Castella gets her name from castella cake, which is a Japanese sponge cake similar to madeira cake.
  • Because she had her children young, Castella does not have a typical grandmotherly appearance. This seemed to shock Jinx the first time he saw her.
  • Castella's second husband adopted both Focaccia and Paratha, which is why Parathas last name is Rosen.
  • Castella is currently a widow, her second husband having passed away many years prior to the story's present. She has, however, many gentleman interested in her, and casually dates.


Character Profile- Focaccia


Name: Focaccia White
Birthdate: May 30th
Zodiac: Gemini
Occupation: receptionist
Family: Castella Rosen (mother), Paratha Rosen (sister), Jaffa White (daughter), Pita Psomi (niece), Madeira Bolo (grandmother)
Favorites: ?
Dislikes: children who don't play with toys gently, being wrong, "losers", dead plants
Hobbies: gardening, walking her dog, spending time with her daughter
Powers: if Focaccia had an aptitude for magic, she has completely buried it in her psyche.
Brief History: The firstborn daughter of Castella, Focaccia inherited her mothers beauty, temperament, and pride. Tall and slender, if life had been different, she could've easily been a model. Its difficult to say if she was mistreated by her father the same way her sister was, as she learned early on to lock away all unpleasant memories. She emulated her mother most of her life, gaining her mothers favor over her sister.
Focaccia had her moments of rebellion against while growing up though, and would at times date people her mother disapproved, or sneak out of the house with Paratha. She was particularly close to her grandfather, and when he finally passed, was devastated for a long time.
She seemed to have an unspoken competition with Paratha as she became an adult, as if she were constantly trying to prove something to someone. She married young though not as young as her mother, to a man she would divorce within a year because of conflicting personalities. She became pregnant with her daughter Jaffa not long after finding out about Paratha's pregnancy, and gave birth several months after Paratha. She married Jaffa's father, but around the middle of Jaffa's early elementary years, divorced him due to personality conflicts. She would not get another boyfriend until many years later, focusing instead on raising Jaffa. She did not weep when her sister passed away, and did not shed tears at the funeral until faced with being in proximity to her grandfather's grave.
Even though Jaffa and Pita would play together when young, Focaccia never seemed to like Pita. She never wanted Pita to play with Jaffa's toys, believing that Pita would lessen their value through "rough" play. She seemed to see Paratha in Pita, and this disdain eventually bled into Jaffa, whom she would force to play with Pita, reminding her that Pita was pitiful due to not having a mom. She was jealous of how close Pita was to Madeira, even though her daughter was, in her mind, every bit better than Pita. At the same time she kept her distance as Jaffa grew, and rarely visited Madeira, finding her life too busy to fit in visiting. Her dislike of Pita intensified after Madeira's death, snidely blaming Pita for being a catalyst of Madeiras declining health, while also being angry that Pita was not present for Madeira's final days.
Although she seems to be irreconcilable about her opinion of her niece, Focaccia is undeniably a good mother towards Jaffa, and remains a big part of her life. She is an excellent gardener, and has a deep respect for nature. Animals flock to her house, and she cares for them as if they are her dear pets with plentiful food and water all year round. Focaccia was the primary visitor and company to Madeira in her last month of life, which Madeira was forever touched by.
She accompanied Castella when she found Pita, but she contributed nothing to their conversation, so it was difficult to say why she went.

Fun Facts

  • keeping with the baked goods trend, Focaccia gets her name from focaccia, a flat Italian bread similar to pizza crust.
  • Originally Focaccia was to have two daughters, the second younger and decidedly more sympathetic towards Pita, bit Liz felt this would bloat the story as Pitas extended family characters are largely there only to advance story points and nothing more.


Character Profile- Gusto


Real Name: Augustus "Gus" Thomas
Classification: Gusto
Birthdate: June 12th
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: About 3 stories as a Lesser, 5' as a human
Occupation: Formerly a groundskeeper
Family: ?
Favorites: Food- mincemeat pie
Snack- Jelly
Drink- lemonade
Color- orange
Dislikes: Not being able to taste things, running out of food, mean people, people who abuse plants
Hobbies: Tasting things, gardening
Powers: Gusto's only seen abilities is being able to stretch his arms and vomiting acid at will.
Brief History: Gusto was a gardener at the Maier Manor and seemed to live in the greenhouse. Gusto was mentally disabled, and the head gardener seemed to be his primary caretaker. Gusto enjoyed gardening, and felt like plants were the only thing that he could taste and they would still love him later.
According to Gusto's recollection, he repeatedly attempted to taste Paska, and was sealed into the book as punishment by Jinx. It's hard to say if Gusto's memories are entirely correct or if he's only recalling fragments that he's strung together.
He was released with the others in modern times, after Pita read the book. He somehow escaped unnoticed for several months, but finally faced Pita after blowing up a pizza building while she was on a date with Rey. He then killed over 70 people by the explosion, squashing or eating them. Paska punished him by taking him into the Desire Space and giving him an illusion of tasting different clones of herself, but in reality he ate his own body until he died.

Lesser Diet: unknown



"Human"- Gusto's original form. Not much is known about him, other than his personality didn't change much between this form and becoming a lesser.

"Lesser" (pictured with profile)- Gusto's form as Pita encounters him. His size has tripled from what it once was, and his desire to taste things has grown with it. It is unknown as to how he managed to travel around undetected for so long. The explosion he caused was later blamed on industrial waste igniting underground.

Fun Facts

  • Gusto is actually one of the more tragic lessers in the story, as he couldn't help his state of mind that led to his transformation. He was likely rescued from an asylum by the Alchemical Wizard
  • No one on staff seemed to like Gusto except for the head gardener.


Character Profile- Mon-Mon


Name: Mon-Mon
Height: 6'
Family: Jinx Maier ("father", living), Belinda "Beliel" Certas ("mother", living), Olivia "Owl" Certas ("aunt", living), Boon Maier ("uncle", living), Creed Maier ("grandfather", presumed deceased)
Favorites: Food- powdered sugar
Snack- salty skin
Drink- (censored)
Color- grey and pink
Music- Beliel's lullabies
Dislikes: having his tentacles pinched, being disciplined
Hobbies: Playing with toys, playing with girls, doing cartwheels, pretending he's a flying spaghetti monster
Brief History: Mon-Mon is a homunculus created by Jinx's magic and given to Beliel to act as a 'child' for her to care for while they were in the book. Beliel was bewitched by Jinx to believe she went through a full pregnancy and that she gave birth to this creature. Mon-Mon was spoiled and well-loved by his 'mother', but was extremely interested in 'playing' with women. Jinx found himself growing fond of Mon-Mon, but it's hard to say if it were a fatherly feeling or just fondness akin to having a pet.
Although not from the 'real world', Mon-Mon was drawn out of the book with the others, and was the first to fight Pita after Buhi fused her with Paska. He was taken into the desire space and ripped apart by his own fantasy.
The loss devastated Beliel and even upset Jinx, but it was later stated that he would've disappeared after awhile anyway as he was sustained for so long by book magic, and could not last without it.

Fun Facts

  • Beliel seemed to envision Mon-Mon as a grey-haired, green-mouthed child instead of a tentacle monster
  • Mon-Mon's poor appearance is due to Jinx's lack of artistic imagination.
  • Mon-Mon's body, although appearing like a bun, was actually inspired by an Oreo cookie that Liz was eating at the time.
  • Mon-Mon is, to date, the most ridiculous monster creation Liz has ever drawn.
  • Liz dreams of making a Mon-Mon plush one day for giggles.


Character Profile- Mother Superior


Name: Unknown
Birthdate: April 6th
Zodiac: Aries
Occupation: Mother Superior at the Tagesanbruch Abbey
Family: unknown
Favorites: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Hobbies: offering those with a heavy heart solace in the form of comforting wisdom
Powers: none
Brief History: Mother Superior became a matronly figure in Belie's early life. She liked Belie, and thought of her as the perfect example of a devout nun-to-be. She was extremely sharp, and noticed that Belie had an attraction to the Cambion Khaled. While morally she couldn't encourage Belie to pursue her feelings for such a creature, she at least let Belie know that such feelings were not going to send her to hell. Belie relied on her a great deal, and her death still weighs heavily in the back of Belie's mind.
Mother Superior's life attitude of 'accept what is, and assist through good deeds' largely shaped Belie into the person she is in the present. Because of this take on life, Belie accepts her feelings for others as 'what is', and doesn't worry if it's for a male or female, or even a human at all.

Fun Facts

  • Originally only Sister Lieve was to be a shaping factor in Belie's life, but as Belie's back history was crafted, she became a stronger influence.
  • It was mentioned in passing by Khaled, but Mother Superior died at the hands of Apep, not Khaled as Belie believed for years. Khaled's reasoning for her death was that Apep 'needed the power'. (This does not mean Mother Superior had powers, but the sacrifice of 'holy persons' seems to have some restorative effect for those who are unhuman.)
  • Mother Superior had little influence in Owl's life. The only recorded time that Owl went to Mother Superior for anything was to alert her to Sister Lieve's affair with the priest.


Character Profile- Pretza


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Character Profile- Ratz


Real Name: ?
Classification: Ratz
Birthdate: July 3rd
Zodiac: Cancer
Age: ?
Height: 5' 8"
Occupation: Formerly house staff in the Maier Manor
Family: ?
Favorites: Food- ?
Snack- Potato chips
Drink- water
Color- light blue
Dislikes: Women, competition, being stared at, rejection, ice, winter, disorganization, Jinx
Hobbies: cross-dressing, bullying women, crocheting, tying knots
Powers: his tongue is a stinger that can inject different toxins into a victim depending on what kind of effect Ratz wants it to have on them, he can move with quick bursts of speed and can turn his chest scales into imps.
Brief History: All of Ratz's history is currently unknown. What is known is that he was released with everyone else when Pita read the book, and he despises women although seems fascinated by their bodies. He was found by Jinx a day after they were released, and he attacked both Jinx and Pita with the intention of making Pita humiliate herself with a certain toxin he planned to sting her with, before killing them both. Paska was called forth from Ratz's presence, but she did not seem to remember him. He managed to slip past her defenses as they confronted each other, and inject her with a venom that caused Paska to return to a dormant state and put Pita into a dream state that caused her to view one of Paska's memories. Immediately after attacking, he seemed to be defeated by a burst of energy from an unknown source.

Lesser Diet: Pleasure center of the brain. (His tongue doubles as a drill and he digs for it through the temple, then ingests it by sucking it through his tongue. He does not need to feed often, but his victims always go comatose and never wake up again.)

Fun Facts

  • Ratz is the only openly gay character thus far
  • Ratz had an admitted crush on a "well-dressed gentleman in a lab coat".
  • Ratz was extremely easy for Liz to draw well.


Character Profile- Sister Lieve


Name: Lieve Karner
Birthdate: May 18th
Zodiac: Taurus
Occupation: formerly a nun at Tagesanbruch Abbey
Family: at least one illegitimate child by an unnamed priest, unnamed parents
Favorites: unknown
Dislikes: men's untruths to get women into bed
Hobbies: unknown
Powers: none
Brief History: Sister Lieve was the daughter of a Yeniche man who settled with a village girl. She was sent to Tagesanbruch Abbey to work with Belie and Owl, as they did not speak German, and no one else knew the Yeniche language. She was a major influence on the two girls, especially Belie, who decided to become a nun after hearing the various biblical stories that Sister Lieve would tell her. Owl was initially receptive to Sister Lieve, until she realized that Sister Lieve was making it harder for her to get away with her destructive behaviour, and that she was taking all of Belie's attention.
Sister Lieve was attracted to a young priest who had also been transferred to the Abbey around the same time as her. She was unable to resist the attraction after she realized he felt it too and they conducted an affair. They were not quite as discreet as they would've hoped, as both Owl and Belie had discovered them. Owl caused the affair to end after she notified Mother Superior.
Although she had a chance to repent for her loss of will and re-take her vows, Sister Lieve discovered she had become pregnant from her affair. To her dismay, the priest, afraid of the prospect of leaving the church and living in squalor as he tried to support Lieve and a child, abandoned her and re-took his vows. Heartbroken, Sister Lieve had no choice but to return to her family, and hope that she could have a life.
Before she left she warned Belie to never believe words uttered in lust, and left her with her cherished crucifix necklace. Her words stuck with Belie for years, but after meeting Khaled, the words lost their meaning until she realized Khaled didn't seem to love her, and was only using her for her ability to have children.
It is unknown what happened to Sister Lieve after she left the abbey. One could hope that she had a healthy child, and eventually found a good man to marry.


Character Profile- Spaetzle


Name: Spaetzle Cherry
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