Character Profile-Harahel

Name: Harahel
Birthdate: July
Zodiac: n/a
Age: ageless/As Maryanne, around 6 or 7
Height: ?/As Maryanne, 3'6"
Occupation: Angel of knowledge
Family: heavenly host/As Maryanne- Pita, Jinx, Belie, Buhi (adoptive family)
Favorite: (as Maryanne only) Food- pizza
Snack- pudding
Drink- soda
Color- grey
Dislikes: (as Maryanne only) clowns, sci-fi, mashed potatoes, criminals and their crimes, cults, bug bites
Hobbies: exploring, learning, playing with children and teaching them respect, reading
Powers: as the angel of knowledge, there is very little in the way of magic that Harahel doesn't know. It has taken the place of Paska in transforming Pita into the angel witch. Because of the injuries it sustained in the Desire Space, Harahel can only supply Pita with power for a short time. Its wings, which were stripped of all feathers and flesh, are slowly regenerating, and are an indicator of Harahels power strength.
Brief History: It is unknown as to how or why Harahel was bound to Paska with a slew of fallen. Despite being constantly abused by the fallen, Harahel remains pure.
Using Pita as a rescue line, Harahel escaped from being bound to Paska when Pita exited the Desire Space. Taking on the mortal form of the girl-child Maryanne, Harahel seems to be enjoying its time as a mortal.



"Maryanne"-The mortal form that Harahel takes to both conserve energy that it then puts forth towards healing its damaged form, and to interact with everyone. Why Harahel chose this particular form is, for now, a mystery. In this form Harahel is mute, possibly because of its energy-saving state. Pita seems to forget that Maryanne is truly an angel, and will on most occasions treat her as a real child. The name "Maryanne" was given to this form by Pita, simply because she 'looked like a Maryanne' to Pita.

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