Character Profile-Jack

Name: Jack F. Boba
Birthdate: ?
Zodiac: ?
Height: N/A
Age: under a year
Occupation: N/A
Family: Taro Boba (mother), Rupert "Moor" Machter (father), Apple Boba (grandmother), Aniello Stockard (grandfather), Master Stockard (great-grandfather), Porcius Stockard ( great-uncle), Brooke Stockard (great-aunt), Bonito Stockard (2nd cousin), Paska (ancestor), Boon Maier (ancestor)
Favorites: Food- Taro
Snack- Taro
Drink- Taro
Color- n/a
Dislikes: Things that glow, strange people, cold leftovers
Hobbies: Staring at things, drooling, putting things in his mouth, making spit bubbles
Powers: n/a
Brief History: Jack was born to Taro and Moor under tragic circumstances. He was attacked by Paska while in utero, the shock forcing Taro into an early labor. While Jack was born healthy, seemingly unaffected by Paska's attack, he would never meet his father, who was defeated by Paska.
Because of his lineage, the Stockards are eager to get Jack under their roof, hoping that he will show a powerful aptitude for magic. So far he is merely a normal baby, but he does seem to be able to see things others can't.

Fun Facts

  • Jacks middle name is Frucht, making his first and last name a reference to jackfruit bubble tea.
  • Jack does not seem to show any signs of genetically inheriting Moors curse other than slightly pointed ears.
  • Jack has spent more time with his grandmother than with his mother, due to Taro's severe depression following Moor's defeat.
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