Character Profile-Jedda

Name: Jedda Kenneth
Birthdate: January 22nd
Zodiac: Aquarius
Age: 30
Occupation: Hairstylist
Family: unknown
Favorites: Food- Irish Cuisine
Snack- Sugar Cookies
Drink- Ruby Red Wine
Color- Apple Green
Dislikes: burned cookies, wub-wub, thin hair, animals, religious morals, fingernail chewers, sweaty bodies, early mornings
Hobbies: wearing wigs, making Laoidheach create strange drink concoctions, watching slasher and snuff movies
Brief History: Jedda is the only child of a pastor who has gone very very bad. With her (now ex) boyfriend Nate, she made snuff documentaries, trying to recreate the scenes of death and torture that were seen in movies, and post the videos on the internet. It is unknown if she actually killed anything, but when she was found by Moor, she was preparing to get a fox to disembowel itself. As with Milli, Jedda's 'reality check' after Moor fed from her was too much for her to handle, and she dove even deeper off the deep end.
Some time after that, she met up with Milli, and helped found their "sisterhood" cult. She serves as Milli's main lackey, although her slightly ditzy demeanor hinders Milli's plans more than helps.
She seems to be fond of Laoidheach in her own way and teases him, but he clearly can't stand her.

Fun Facts

  • Jedda is drawn using the actress Katie Sackhoff as reference.
  • Jedda's wigs all are of similar color of her natural hair.
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