Character Profile-Jinx

Full Name: Hijinx "Jinx" Maier
Birthdate: November 28th
Zodiac: Saggitarius
Height: 5' 8"
Age: ??
Occupation: None
Family: Creed Maier (father, presumed deceased), Rupert "Moor" Machter (surrogate father, presumed deceased), Boon Maier (twin brother, living), Unnamed Child (nephew), Mon-Mon (creation/"son")
Favorites: Food- Bacon
Snack- taffy
Drink- Root Beer
Color- Blue
Music- Hard Rock
Dislikes: betrayal, sharing, pastel bubbles, academia, Boon, being woken from sleep by the urge to use the restroom
Hobbies: Watching TV, Sleeping, making things explode
Powers: Jinx can pretty much do any type of magic he can think of, although it has it's varying degrees of strength. He seems to favor fire-based offensive spells.
Brief History: Like Boon, much of Jinx's past is a mystery. He was mostly raised by Moor, and seems to have a strained relationship with his father. When he reached puberty, he was never without a female companion. When Paska came to the manor he was instantly smitten with her, but she refused his advances for seven years. After hearing that she'd taken the stable hand Laoidheach as a lover, he attempted to confront her only to accidentally spook her horse with his presence. He rescued her from the horse, and after that they became a couple for two years. Jinx was tricked by Boon into going to Leipzig as him, to deliver a presentation, but was stopped by Moor and returned home in time to find Boon pretending to be him and having intercourse with Paska.
She came to him a few months later, to announce that she was pregnant, still believing that she'd had an encounter with him. Jinx rejected her, and broke their relationship on the spot. Curious over things Paska had said to him, Jinx went to his father's study and found his journal. He was discovered reading it, and sealed within the book as punishment.
For a year he was in the book world, fighting lessers whom attacked him in revenge for what his father had done to them. He was released by Boon later, whom he killed on the spot, and then eventually re-sealed in the book with the rest of the household thanks to Paska's curse.
Over a century later, he was finally released again, this time by Pita, whom he initially mistook for Paska. They fought, and she used the book as a shield against a blast of fiery magic that he flung at her. It bounced off, hit him, and resulted in half-sealing him away, leaving him in a child form that Pita took home to care for.

Incubus Diet: The feeling of love



"Human"- This was Jinx's original form. Although he appears human, he has hinted that he was never 'quite' human. While clearly Boon's brother, his physical appearance is practically the opposite. He is quite a bit shorter than Boon, and his jaw and eyes are a bit more narrow.

"Demon Lord"(pictured with profile)- This is Jinx's current form. It has not been revealed when or how he came to grow horns, pointed ears, slit eyes or a tail. Unlike the other Incubi and Succubi of the book, he had this form prior to Paska's curse.


"Child"- This is the form Jinx spends a majority of Season 1 in. He was half-sealed back into the book by his own magic being reflected back to him, leaving him in this form. His powers are only a fraction of what they are normally in this form, which is made worse by the fact that he cannot feed as an Incubus in this form. (although he does try.) While in this form his horns are short, satyr-like bumps, and his tail lacks a 'hook' on the end of it.
Pita initially tried to get herself to believe that he was a real child demon left behind when the book denizens fled the bookstore, but deep down she knew that he was really the "Demon Lord" she'd fought.

Fun Facts

  • Jinx's horns are based off of one of the female Draenei horn choices in World of Warcrafts' character creation function.
  • Jinx was originally slated to become an angel
  • In the original copy of Chapter 2 of the comic (that no longer exists), Jinx actually successfully found a pedophile woman to use as sustenance. This was intentionally left out of the re-draw due to laws and both artist and reader comfort levels. (Plus the interaction with the cross-dresser provided more lulz.)
  • Jinx was initially designed to look like a Dark Elf from the MMORPG Lineage 2, but he morphed the more he was drawn
  • Liz believes she was far too influenced by video games with Jinx's creation.
  • Jinx enjoys watching a Pokemon-esque show, and is secretly quite obsessed with it.
  • Between he and Boon, Jinx is actually the sensitive twin.
  • Liz attempted to come up with a different hair color for Jinx, as she already created a red-haired male demon to be one of the three mascots for the convention she helps out with, but she couldn't get away from it.
  • Jinx's love for bacon was not planned.
  • If you apply a negative filter to Jinx's hair and eye color, it is very nearly Boon's color.
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