Character Profile-Laoidheach

Name: Laoidheach
Birth date: March 9th
Zodiac: Pisces
Age: ?
Occupation: formerly a stable hand at the Maier manor, currently a bartender in Owl's club, "The Dungeon"
Family: ?
Favorites: Food- corned beef hash
Snack- Irish Potatoes
Drink- anything apple flavored
Color- lemon chiffon
Dislikes: people who insult the fae, mustard, salesmen, chauvinism, off-key singing, his father, bongo drums
Hobbies: brain teaser puzzles, buying coats, fishing, woodcarving
Powers: Laoidheach knows a bit of magic, but nothing substantial.
Brief History: Nothing is currently known about why Laoidheach was at the manor, or if he was deviant like the others. He showed no signs of being affected by the wizards therapy. He caught Paska's eye and entered a brief relationship with her, before Jinx finally managed to impress her.
When Paska cursed the manor, Laoidheach was one who received a mild curse compared to the others. He became what others started to call "mitte", or " middle", as he possessed a monster body, but did not require a special diet to survive.
After being released from the book by Pita, he seems to be allied to Owl. The exact nature of their relationship is unknown, but it doesn't appear to be romantic. After meeting her in The Dungeons lounge, he seems to be attracted to Apple, and doesn't approve of her relationship with Ken Butler.

Fun Facts

  • Laoidheachs name is pronounced "lee-ach" (ACH said similar to och in loch ness monster)
  • Laoidheach's biggest pet peeve is when people pronounce his name as its spelled, and then purposefully butcher the mispronunciation.
  • Laoidheach is covered in strange tattoo-like designs. These are less tattoos and more supernatural scars.
  • Although he doesn't harbor any feelings for Paska, Laoidheach is still nursing an intense dislike of Jinx. When Apple observed that both he and Jinx had ponytailed long red hair, Laoidheach cut his on the spot.
  • Laoidheach is Irish.
  • Laoidheach was never able to learn much German.
  • Liz uses the actor Sebastian Stan as a reference when drawing Laoidheach.
  • Although he's teased for it, Laoidheach prefers mature women.
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