Character Profile-Madeira

Name: Madeira Bolo
Birth date: September 17th
Zodiac: Virgo
Age: 98 (at time of passing)
Occupation: accounting clerk
Family: Castella Rosen (daughter), Paratha Rosen (granddaughter), Focaccia White (granddaughter), Pita Psomi (great granddaughter), Jaffa White (great granddaughter)
Favorites Food- ham
Snack-"Little Bebbies"
Drink- coffee
Color- pink, white, yellow
Dislikes: ?
Hobbies:- crossword puzzles
Powers: Although it is unknown if she possessed any type of ability, she was able to protect Pita in the desire space even as a spirit, until Pita regained her senses.
Brief History: Nothing is known about Madeiras' early life. She was already quite old when she became Pitas' guardian, but did not mind and loved Pitas' company. While her daughter Castella seems to be cold and snide, Madeira appears to be warm and kind. Moving away from her and not being present for her final moments still haunts Pita, even after Madeira assured her that she wasn't upset and only wanted Pita to be happy.

Fun Facts

  • Keeping with the baked goods trend, Madeiras' name is derived from madeira cake, which is an English sponge cake.
  • Madeiras' last name of Bolo is also a cake, this one being bolo de mel; a traditional Christmas honey cake from the Madeira Islands.
  • Madeiras name is pronounced "ma-deer-ah"
  • Much about Madeira was based off of Liz's own great grandmother, who passed away shortly before she began posting the webcomic. Liz was originally using the character as a coping mechanism, but Madeira became a bigger character than anticipated.
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