Character Profile-Melonie

Name: Melonie Slisson
Age: 41
Birth date: April 22nd
Zodiac: Taurus
Occupation: CEO of Stockard Pharmaceuticals
Family: Angelique Slisson(daughter), Kaya Slisson(daughter), Paska (ancestor), Boon Maier (ancestor), Paska and Boons son (ancestor), Master Stockard(relative), Aniello Stockard(relative), Porcius Stockard(relative), Bonito Stockard(relative), Taro Boba(relative), Brooke Stockard(very distant relative), Apple Boba(distant relative), Jack F. Boba (very distant relative)
Favorites: food- pancakes
snack- fruit parfait
drink- sparkling pineapple juice
color- honeydew and mint cream
Dislikes: Master, stupid comedy, having to pander to others, astrology, geese, loose change, handicap privileges, rutabagas, wooden stools
Hobbies: gardening, watching tv, working out, traveling
Powers: Melonie is quite brilliant in alchemical magic, particularly with combustion and fire manipulation.
Brief History: Melonie was brought to the Stockard Manor at the age of 14 to be educated in the family's history and groomed to be a potential wife to one of Master's two sons. Melonie proved to be incredibly smart and resourceful, and caught the eye of Master instead. He took her to become the new matriarch of the family, and when she'd aged a few years more, took her as a mistress. This caused Melonie to turn bitter and hard towards the world, as she had believed that she would be paired with Aniello, and had already developed a crush on him.
Despite being matriarch of the family, she and Master never married, and due to his declining health that has left him an invalid, is more head of the family than simply matriarch. Because she is the daughter of the firstborn son, Taro is to be groomed to be the next matriarch, but currently Melonie refuses to teach her anything, refusing to give up her power even a little.
Melonie is extremely interested in learning about her family through those from the book, but oftentimes goes about getting the bookies to talk in the worst way possible. Melonie is not technically Master's mistress any longer, as due to his declining health, she has not shared a bed with him in nearly 20 years.

Fun Facts

  • Melonie was created by Liz in her early days as a wee lass, during her comic book obsessive years. Melonie was originally a genetically modified human named Gena Ryder(codenamed Exandra), who could control fire, and the leader of a team of like humans, who were rivals to the "good" team of genetically modified people.
  • While Melonies history and name have changed, Liz still considers her a re-imagined Gena instead of a different character as certain other aspects have not changed; she still has a penchant for fire(this time magic), is the mother of the same (although renamed) twin daughters, and is still prideful, scheming and a little more than a bit of a bitch to most all.
  • Interestingly enough, Melonie has a softer side, but it has only ever been seen by Spaetzle. Because of this, Melonie trusts Spaetzle with her life and considers her, her only close friend.
  • Although she hasn't appeared in the comic yet, Melonies rival from her pre re-imagined years exists in this 'verse, but instead of leading a team of metahumans, she is a political activist against many of Stockard Pharmaceuticals practices. She and Melonie are on decidedly better terms in their re-imagined states, but still rivals who butt heads frequently.
  • Melonie was primarily renamed so that her name would follow the food name gag that is ongoing with most of the comics characters. (Her name is an incorrect spelling of Melanie, purposely done to make one think of melon fruit.)
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