Character Profile-Milli

Full Name: Milli Rodriguez
Birthdate: November 14th
Zodiac: Scorpio
Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
Occupation: Gogo Dancer
Family: n/a
Favorites: Food- Nopales
Snack- Edamame
Drink- Nectarine juice
Color- Eggplant Purple
Dislikes: People who hold her back (perceived or real), "losers", "fatties", "haters", classical or instrumental music, calloused feet, nasty toenails, nervous men
Hobbies: dancing, trying on clothes, collecting shoes
Powers: n/a
Brief History: A typical spoiled girl growing up; much too privileged. She spent her life befriending people to gain popularity and then dropping them when she felt she'd surpassed them. She appears to have gone a bit off the deep end following her 'interactions' with Moor, most likely because her 'epiphany' was too much of a reality check. She began a 'sisterhood' for others who had interacted with those from the book, to worship them as she now believes they will help mankind move to the next step of evolution. She was chosen by Paska to be a spur-of-the moment host for her final battle, which she uses to gain more followers to her cult. (In truth she has very hazy memories of the event, and fabricates much of it to others)
Currently she uses The Dungeon, her current club of employment, as the base for her 'sisterhood', which is surprisingly gaining in popularity.

Fun Facts

  • Milli was yet another character that ran away and became a bigger character than what Liz originally intended
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