Character Profile-Moor

Full Name: Rupert "Moor" Machter
Birthdate: August 24th
Zodiac: Virgo
Age: Late 30's
Height: 6' 2"
Occupation: Doctor
Family: Taro Boba (Mate, living), Jack F. Boba (son, living), Apple Boba (in-law, living), Hijinx "Jinx" Maier (surrogate son, living), Boon Maier (surrogate son, living)
Favorites: Food- stewed nuts
Snack- Brownies
Drink- Coffee
Color- Antique White
Dislikes: Elitists, child abuse, immaturity, alcohol, interviews, mornings, florescent colors, losing, crumbs, having his journals read
Hobbies: Observing and analyzing, playing cards
Powers: Moor was initially not as strong as Jinx as an Incubus, but he constantly pushed himself to the limits while in the book world, and eventually 'evolved' to a different type of Incubus. He discovered how to form wings, and was able to turn his fingers into steel claws. By developing these advanced physical skills, he relies less on magic, and is able to stockpile spiritual energy. So long as he does not use magic after his feeding 'binges', he is able to extend the time where he does not need to feed, enabling him to live a more 'normal' life.
Brief History: Moor has chosen to not reveal large portions of his history, not even to Taro. What is known is that he came from a wealthy family, and was incredibly smart. He received his doctorate at Leipzig University back in the 1800's, and was a major contributor to the Alchemical Wizard's research.
He arranged for Paska's child to be sent away with her sister, Simnel, with the hopes that it would have a better life. Paska blamed him for placing an 'abomination' in her sister's care, only one part of an intense grudge towards him that she kept in her heart. He was cursed with the rest of the Maier household, and sealed within the book until modern times, when he was released when Taro read the book.
It has been revealed that Moor did not die after being processed through the Desire Space following his fight with Paska, as his desire was too pure for her to warp and destroy him with. He now exists in a place beyond everyone's reach, that, according to Boon, could only be reached by someone of the Alchemical Wizard's magical strength.
Incubus Diet: Remorse



"Human"- Moor's original form. He did not possess any obvious magic. Incredibly smart, he strove to pass on his knowledge to Boon, and was a respected alumni at Leipzig University.

"Incubus"- (pictured with profile) Moor's last known form. When he was first released from the book world by Taro, he had long hair, but since cut it to make himself less recognizable to the women he fed from. He also wore a mask when he fed, that obscured half of his face, to also protect his identity. The only magic it seems he engages in is glamor magic, to hide his horns and tail.

Fun Facts

  • Moor was originally planned to be a darker character, who had impregnated Taro through rape, but Liz felt this would've made the story take a dark turn she didn't want.
  • Moor is now one of Liz's favorite story characters.
  • Liz hates drawing Moor's horns.
  • Moor is the eldest character thus far.
  • Moor's Desire Space was drawn while Liz listened to the song "My Weakness" by Moby. The song actually fits the scene very well, and Liz recommends listening to the song while reading the scene.
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