Character Profile-Owl

Full Name: Olivia Certas
Chosen Name: Owl
Birthdate: June 4th
Zodiac: Gemini
Age: ?
Height: 5' 4"
Occupation: Formerly a maid / Club owner
Family: Belinda "Beliel" Certas (sister, living), Mon-Mon ("nephew", deceased)
Dislikes: Church, rules, being told no, the Tron movies, nail biters, Daft Punk, being ranked/rankings, pumpkins, salty things, messy makeup
Hobbies: Seducing, trying on makeup, baking, watching movies
Powers: Owl isn't technically very powerful on her own, but if she combines her specialty with Belies, it makes for an ability to be reckoned with. She knows basic magic, but her real specialty lies with illusion spells, and if used in conjunction with Belie's pocket-world creation magic, it can create a truly devastating nightmare world.
History: Owl was abandoned with her sister at an abbey when she was two, and thus remembers next to nothing of her parents or Yeniche life. Despite the influences of the church, she was rebellious and resistant, something that grew worse when Belie found a role model in Sister Lieve. By the age of 11 to 12 she was already learning how to wrap boys around her finger, to get what she wanted from life.
When the abbey burned down and the clergy slaughtered, Owl rescued Belie from being kidnapped by looters by killing one. The two of them then took to the streets, living on what they could steal. Owl discovered quickly that she could earn a lot of money from voyeuristic rich men, and began a show where she would get off on whatever the highest bidder wanted her to. Keenly aware that there was a plethora of body disfiguring and mind-eating illnesses among the women of the pleasure houses, Owl made it a strict rule to never accept a diseased, rotting or human partner as her 'device' for the night. Belie never asked about her shows, and only assumed that Owl would accept animals based off of hearsay. Owl has not talked about if this is true or not.
She was approached one particularly hard winter, by the Alchemical Wizard, and offered a place to live and work in his manor so long as she accepted his therapy for sexual deviants. Owl accepted without thought, and intended to leave Belie behind as revenge for the time Belie spent pretending not to know her to try and impress a fisherman's son. They both ended up going to the manor, thanks to Moor's suggestion.
Owl was present for the birth of Paska's child, and took it from Paska to hand over to Moor.
Although released with the rest when Pita read the book, Owl has only recently shown up now that the threat of Paska has passed. She hints that Boon may have visited and/or spoken with her in secret before that time.

Succubus Diet: The emotion of shame



"Human"- this was Owl's original form. Like Belie, she likely knew basic magic after moving in to the Wizard's manor. She seemed stable despite recieving the 'therapy', with no sign of turning into a Lesser.

"Succubus" (pictured with profile)- Owl's current form. She gained this after Paska cursed everyone in the house. Pigtails seem to be her staple, and often can be identified by them, even if using glamor magic.

Fun Facts

  • Owl, like Belie, was a completely random creation and originally not intended to be anyone other than the succubus whose bum is in the reader's face, in chapter 1.
  • Owl is the only character that has, to date, gone through the most design revisions.
  • Owl was originally intended to be the elder sister.
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