Character Profile-Paska

Name: Paska
Birthdate: October 28th
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 5'4"
Age: ?
Occupation: N/A
Family: Simnel (sister, deceased), Unnamed Offspring (son, deceased), Master Stockard(descendant, living), Melonie Slisson (descendant, living), Bonito Stockard (descendant, living), Aniello Stockard (descendant, living), Porcius Stockard (descendant, living), Apple Boba (descendant, living), Taro Boba (descendant, living), Jack F. Boba (descendant, living)
Favorites: Food- Fladlesuppe
Snack- Liegnitzer bomben
Drink- Orange Juice
Dislikes: Losing, the Maier Family, being alone, nails on chalkboard noise, french horns, making cream or gravy, black pepper
Hobbies: Reading Penny Dreadfuls, buying dresses, killing lessers
Powers: On her own, Paska was extremely powerful in magic and nearly rivaled Jinx, but rarely displayed it. The Alchemical Wizard bound seven fallen angels and two true angels to her, giving her access to their strengths and skills, making her more powerful than everyone.
Brief History: Much of Paska's early history has not been revealed. She came to the Alchemical Wizard's manor at age 14 to become part of his 'grand experiment'. She acted spoiled and privileged, especially around Jinx, and led him on for many years, well aware of his attempts at wooing her.
She took the stable hand Laoidheach as a lover, but the relationship lasted only a week or so as she dropped him as soon as Jinx impressed her when he saved her from the spooked horse. For two years they courted, until Boon, disguised as Jinx, seduced her and impregnated her. Jinx ended their relationship when she announced her pregnancy, and seemed to never find out that Boon was the father of her child.
She seemed to hate her offspring, and held a grudge towards Moor when he took the child and gave it to her sister Simnel to raise. The event that bound the nine entities to her supposedly happened not long after that, and Paska used her newfound powers to take revenge on the entire Maier household, transforming everyone into cursed, demonic entities and sealing them into the Wizard's spellbook.
Sometime during this event she resurrected Boon, whom had been killed by a vengeful Jinx, and gave him her physical heart to replace the one that Jinx destroyed. This seemed to tie him to her for many years, but the exact nature of their relationship has not been revealed.
One interesting thing to note is that Paska seems to lose her memories every time she goes back into an unhosted, dormant state within Victoria's spellbook, but slowly regains them the more lessers she destroys while in a host.

Fun Facts

  • Paska did not become her own entity until the end of Chapter 2
  • You can tell the difference between Paska and Pita in the early chapters by the eye color. Paska's eyes are violet, while Pita's are green.
  • In later chapters, the difference between Paska and Pita extends to their hair shades, Paska's is a lighter pink while Pita's is darker.
  • The reason why Paska and Pita resemble each other has not been revealed, but is relevant to the story.
  • Paska manifested nude because in Liz-World, Angels who are using hosts have to expend so much energy simply to manifest, they don't usually bother to create clothing. Normal human clothing cannot cover an angel; they believe it to be impure. Paska truly believed she was an angel until the final battle, thus she manifested as such.
  • If you think about it, Pita was a little crowded. On top of her own soul she had Paska sharing her body, and Paska, despite not having physical form, was still bound to at least six other entities.
  • Boon is currently acting as Paska's 'jailer', in an attempt to sap her strengths and abilities so that he finally has strong magic like Jinx.
  • Paska's costume was created by a friend of Liz.
  • "paska" is a type of Easter bread from the Ukraine with deep religious meaning.
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