Character Profile-Pita

Full Name: Pita Florence Psomi
Birthdate: September 26th
Zodiac: Libra
Age: 25 Season 2: 26
Occupation: None. Season 2: Maid
Family: Madeira Bolo (Great-Grandmother, former guardian, deceased), Castella Rosen (grandmother, living), Paratha Rosen (mother, deceased), Matsenda Psomi (father, status unknown), Foccacia White (aunt, living), Jaffa White (cousin, living)
Favorites: Food- Spaghetti
Snack- Salty Rice Wafers
Drink- Anything blue raspberry flavored
Color- Lavender or Lilac
Music- Pop genre
Dislikes: Herself at times, being scolded, remembering sad things, being lied to, earwigs, skimpy clothing, boiled cabbage, alcohol, competing, having her personal space invaded
Hobby: Reading, usually at the bookstore
Powers: When merged with Paska (or later Harahel), Pita has full access to an array of offensive, defensive and restoring Holy and Cosmic magic. On her own she has not attempted to
work magic, but she likely has the capacity to.
History: Pita was abandoned at a park by her mother at age 5. She was put in the care of her family, who then placed her under the guardianship of her great-grandmother. Pita grew up being consistently belittled by her family and compared to her cousin, Jaffa. However, she was well-loved by her great-grandmother.
Several years before the start of the story, Pita moved out of her great-grandmother's house after gaining access to a monetary nest egg said to have been left behind by her father. She was not present for her great-grandmother's last month of life; something which affects her even in the present.
Pita discovered the book that contained Jinx, Belie and the others one day at the bookstore she frequented, and released the spell holding all of the succubi, incubi and lessers in the book simply by reciting a passage within it. She was immediately conscripted by Buhi, who emerged from a book shelved near the first, to 'take responsibility' for releasing them. Using his halo, he merged her with Paska, and she transformed into the Angel Witch to defeat a tentacle monster named Mon-Mon. She then got into a scuffle with Jinx, and unintentionally half-sealed him back into the book, leaving him in a kid form that she later took home.



"Normal"-This is Pita as an everyday human. She has brown hair, bad eyesight and doesn't pay attention to her appearance enough to wear anything unique. She is your atypical nerd girl, and a bit shy.


"Fused/Posessed"- This is the form that Pita spends the majority of season 1 in. She is possessed by Paska in this form. To make Paska's host body more comfortable for her, Buhi uses glamor magic to make Pita's hair more similar to Paska's, and gives her larger breasts. A majority of the clothing Pita wears while in this form is created by Buhi based off of his personal preferences, although Pita likes it.


"Awakened"- This form, at first, doesn't seem much different from the "Fused" form, but she appears in it after a magical girl-esque transformation. Paska can easily take control of Pita in this state, and both she and Pita can 'borrow' magic from Beliel and Jinx to fight lessers. In this form she cannot fly (and it is a continuous gag for other characters who can, to remind her of this) but she can 'float'.


"Angel Witch"- This form is when Paska takes over. She manifests wings and is nude. Pita is her most powerful in this stage, and can open the Desire Space.


"Jinx-Awakened"- This unique form came while Pita fought Beliel in her pocket space world. They're not sure what exactly happened to cause it, but Pita was her own form of Angel Witch and did not rely on Paska. She does not seem to be able to open the Desire Space, and her powers seem to be healing and restorative only.


"Dark"- This form seemed to develop on it's own, showing itself to Beliel first while she was in Pita's head. It is unknown if this form is caused by an entity, from constant exposure to the lessers, or something else entirely. It seems to be triggered by Pita's despair, although it was first given manifestation by Jinx. Pita's hair becomes a darker shade of pink in this form, and although she exhibits similar traits to the succubi, she does not have a tail like they do. She seems to be very powerful in this form.
One significant detail this form has is the opening and constant bleeding of four cuts under her right eye to her chin. These were self-inflicted as she was forced to watch Paska fight Moor, but it is yet unknown why they show up in her dark form.

"Blessed"(pictured with the profile)- This form was given to Pita by Harahel. This is basically normal Pita, but with healed eyesight. Curiously enough, Harahel decided to make Pita's hair permanently pink, although it's a darker shade than Paska's was.


"Awakened Angel Witch/Angel Witch II"- This is Pita's new form while fused with Harahel. There is no distinction between this form and "Blessed" other than the use of Harahel's power and the occasional manifestation of wings. Unlike Paska, Harahel works with Pita in this form, and provides explanations and suggestions but does not take over her body. Also unlike her previous Awakened form, Harahel's fusion with her is temporary, and the two separate into two different bodies when the fighting is done. Pita does not shed clothing in this form, as opposed to her previous Awakened form.

Fun Facts

  • Pita's first and last name is a pun on the fact that she's named after bread, as her last name is "Psomi", which in Greek, means 'bread'.
  • Pita's last name is pronounced "Show-me".
  • Despite the Greek word for a last name, Pita is not Greek.
  • Most of Pita's family follows the baked goods trend and are named after various breads and cakes.
  • Pita could be considered an anime fan.
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