Character Profile-Taro

Full Name: Taro Boba
Birthdate: April 23rd
Zodiac: Taurus
Age: 26
Height: 5'5"
Occupation: None (season 1), Intern Staff Manager at Stockard Manor (season 2)
Family: Rupert "Moor" Machter (mate, presumed dead), Jack F. Boba (son), Apple Boba (mother), Aniello Stockard (father), Master Stockard (grandfather), Bonito Stockard (cousin), Brooke Stockard (aunt), Porcius Stockard (uncle), Boon Maier (ancestor), Paska (ancestor)
Favorites: Food- BBQ Salmon
Snack- Ice Cream
Drink- Earl Grey Tea
Color- Umber and Plum
Dislikes: pigs, selfish people, partial truths, clubs, fashionistas, most mainstream styles, pepperoni pizza, heavy metal
Hobbies: reading, altering clothing, hanging out with friends
Powers: Taro has the capacity to use great magic, but is currently untrained.
Brief History: Taro's early history is currently unrevealed. She and Pita met as children, and remained best friends up until Taro and her mother moved away during her Sophomore year in High School. Taro harbors dislike for her father, as he abandoned her and her mother once the Stockard family re-owned him for becoming a surgeon. Because of this, she has refused all contact with the Stockard family until recent events with Pita.
Taro spent the last years of high school working part-time jobs to support both her and her mother, as her mother dissolved into alcoholism to run from her depression over being abandoned by Taro's father. Two years before the start of the story, Taro and her mother hit financial rock bottom, and ended up moving back to their old town to live in her grandparents' vacant house. The trend of Taro supporting both her and her mother would've continued if Taro had not read the book and released Moor, who came to live with them.

Fun Facts

  • Taro's first and last name is essentially 'taro bubble tea', as taro is a Chinese sweet potato flavor, and bubble tea is a milky tea beverage with large tapioca beads in it. Liz finds this drink very delicious.
  • Taro constantly dresses in a gothic lolita style, but does not partake in the 'gothic lolita lifestyle', and actually distances herself from it as far as she can most notably by wearing 'old' styles of gothic lolita clothing.
  • Most of Taro's 'maternity' clothes were altered by her so she didn't have to give up her favorite clothing style.
  • Taro's hair is naturally curly, but she dislikes it and tries her best to straighten it.
  • Taro's hair color was chosen to be as close to the color of taro bubble tea as possible.
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